Halo, I'm Roy—a designer based in Surabaya, Indonesia

I simply considered myself as a designer, not that—so-called fancy expertized in a specific design role. This is because I am that designer-who-wear-many-hats.

Don't get me wrong, if you ask me what my special skills are? The answer is Illustration, Icon Design and UI work. Those are my top-notch works at this moment. Feel free to use my first open-source icon set project at neuicons.com.

On the other hand, I do some basic HTML+CSS as well.

I do write a blog sometimes and sent it as a newsletter using Substack. But, I only do it in the Indonesian language. Feel free to check my Substack link below. Mostly it just random thoughts of mine.


Have a project or just want to say hi? Feel free to get in touch at royyanwijaya@live.com.

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