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Royyan Wijaya
Royyan Wijaya

Surabaya, Indonesia

Hello, I'm Roy, I am a professional Illustrator and Icon Designer. I have more than 4 years old experience in the area. I've done several projects with the clients throughout Dribbble. Helping their problem with my visual solution to get the goals reached, from the small-mid business. Here is some cool thing I've made in my life: - Helping small business to re-branding their product to get into the bigger market with a better visual approach - Got an award from Major government, from my city because I have an impact to help the small business grow their market and product - Becoming a volunteer to help people about "How visual matters" - Having more than 10.000 + icons in the marketplace Have a project to talk to? You can use the `Hire me` button on my page or you can send me an email at royyanwijaya@live.com That's some cool things I can share with you. Thank you for reading my bio, have a nice day!

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